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Our dishes are beyond the boundaries of taste.

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“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”

Luciano Pavarotti

Our Restaurant

Surrounded by antique chinoiserie interior design and harmonized with warm wood moldings and soft lights, diners at Zhen Wei Fang® restaurant will indulge full tranquility under the ritualistic atmosphere while served platters of Chinese classics like Peking Duck, imperial cuisine and dim sum, an exotic flavor and sensation that takes diners a culinary journey through the flavor of East. With ancient-inspired recipe, finest ingredients and innovative cocktails, Zhen Wei Fang® restaurant presents authentic Chinese flavors in a surreal atmosphere that marries the serenity of the East. Combined with culinary art and aesthetics, the dish display is eye-catching and elegant. Prepared meticulously with hand-picked, premium ingredients by a team of expert chefs.

Only The Freshest Food

A progression of fresh and seasonal ingredients where texture, flavor and harmony is supreme.From Peking Duck, Hot Pot, Dim Sum, refreshing drinks, and many more, we proudly say that our chefs in the house have mastered these recipes through the years to provide a perfect masterpiece. Locally-sourced, fresh ingredients come together crafted with love and creative care of our chefs. Ensure the freshness of every dish in your table to make sure you enjoy each dish with pleasure.

Peking Duck 臻味烤鸭
Xiang La Twin Lobster Tail 臻味香辣龙虾

The Story Behind Zhen Wei Fang® Name

Zhen (臻) represents “ finest”, a direct Chinese pronunciation from its Chinese character, which describes the most delightful and wonderful food. Wei(味) represents “delicious, taste”.  Fang (坊) represents “place”. Deeply believing food brings cultures together and creates a loving memory of the whole experience.  Diners at Zhen Wei Fang® restaurant indulge in every moment of joy they experience. From handcrafted stocks and a wide array of sauces, supreme quality of fresh ingredients, to table-side serving, diners can enjoy eclectic dishes from China-infused cuisine.

Zhen Wei Fang® Family

Zhen Wei Fang® family welcomed the first member, Da Tang Zhen Wei, In Miami in 2017, celebrating Chinese cuisine through traditional techniques, best ingredients, and contemporary presentation. Da Tang Zhen Wei was featured in Forbes and received ‘2021 Expert’s Choice Award’ from Tripexpert.   The following year Zhen Wei Fang® restaurant  (臻味坊) was launched in Soho, New York under the brand name, which was selected as 29 Top Chinese Restaurants in NYC by Eater (2019) and featured in Forbes & ABC News 7 (2018, 2019) . 

A Few Words About Us

Serving the Boca community since 2000

Located in lively Boca Raton, Zhen Wei Fang’s consistency and passion which is to bring out the best in every dish and top-notch service makes us different among other restaurants. Come in and sample our distinctive desserts, taste our food, or get together with friends in a casual setting. Call us or come by to ask about reservation options, or takeout.

Our Food Policy

We pick the best raw material

Our Core Values

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Renowned Chefs

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We’re open!

Dear value customers,

We’re thrilled to announce that we are reopening started from June 17th!

Open from Monday to Saturday between 12PM to 9:30 PM, closed on every Sunday.

We craft summer exclusive menu featured Hakata Ramen and dim sum in this season.