Authentic Chinese Restaurant Feature Beijing Duck and Hot Pot in Boca, FL

An authentic Chinese restaurant pursuing craftsmanship and High quality.

Zhen Wei Fang

Genuinely Authentic

Zhen Wei Fang® Restaurant (臻味坊) is an authentic Chinese restaurant pursuing craftsmanship and High quality above all else. Present a stunning journey to East culinary experience by offering specialties ranging from Peking Duck, Imperial cuisine, and handmade Dim Sum. Dedicated to ingredient-driven dishes that are delicately crafted with creativity.

Since Da Tang Zhen Wei (Miami )and Zhen Wei Fang® restaurant (New York) are renowned for Hot Pot. Zhen Wei Fang® restaurant designs a Hot Pot de la Royce exclusively for Boca Raton locals. Diners appetite a sense of happiness a few seconds after putting it into the pot, leaving a melted mouthfeel and mellow and thick fragrance.

Crispy Tofu臻味炸豆腐


Imperial cuisine was originally designed for royalty, heavily influenced by Beijing Cuisine, requiring stringent selection of freshest and healthiest ingredients f of ingredients. Chefs at Zhen Wei Fang® restaurant source the finest ingredients and serve the dishes to the table. Not only the flavor is outstanding, but also the unique presentation of the dishes.  Many famous dishes marry in these dynasties, such as Peking Duck. 


Peking Duck at Zhen Wei Fang® restaurant is prominent for its caramelized brown crisp skin.  The art of roasting the duck, ideal condiments selection, duck-sliced carving have been perfected over time. A perfect way to enjoy Peking Duck: get one piece of our homemade pancake, spread a small amount of the homemade hoisin sauce, two pieces of sliced duck, and wrap it with julienned cucumber, melon, and leeks.  What a profound bite! 


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Art of Food

We are focusing on ingredient-driven dishes that are delicately crafted with creativity.

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Scallion Pancake 臻味秘制葱油饼
Steam Roast Pork Bun 臻味叉烧包
Shrimp Siu Mai 臻味虾烧⻨
House Special Braised Pork Trotters 秘制酱猪蹄
Hot Pot de Royale
Crispy Stuffed-Eggplant 臻味茄盒

Our Specials

Peking Duck

Thin, crisp skin, with authentic versions of the dish.

1/2 duck $28.00
whole duck $50.00

Lamb Skewers

They’re a blend of meaty tenderness and exceptional flavor with our special house spices

lamb skewers (6) $16.00


The finest beef, enjoying the flavor, tenderness, and fatty.

$market price

House Special Stir

Include superb selections of both Dungeness and Blue crab, lobster, and shrimp. 

$market price

They All Love Our Food

We Have Both Chinese & Japanese Style Food.

We’re open!

Dear value customers,

We’re thrilled to announce that we are reopening started from June 17th!

Open from Monday to Saturday between 12PM to 9:30 PM, closed on every Sunday.

We craft summer exclusive menu featured Hakata Ramen and dim sum in this season.